List of Public Reports

The following public reports have been elaborated in HOMBRE:

D2.1 Early Indicators for Brownfield Origination

D2.2 Cost effective monitoring within the Circular Land Management Framework

D2.3 Successful Brownfield Regeneration

D3.1 Decision Support Framework for the Successful Regeneration of Brownfields

D3.3 Evaluation of test results from the Brownfield Navigator use in case studies

D4.1 In Depth Analysis and Feasibility of the Technology Trains

D4.2 Testing of principles and description of critical design parameters of technological and process aspects of the technology trains

D5.1 Valuation Approach for Services from Regeneration of Brownfields for Soft Re-Use on a Permanent or Interim Basis

D5.2 Decision support system on soft reuses

D5.3 Use of bio-energy clusters for linking marginal urban brownfield site re-use with sustainable urban energy

D5.4 Operating Windows of Two Important Low Input Technologies for Greening Urban Brownfield

D6.2 Integrated Framework for systematic evaluation of brownfield regeneration

D6.3 Demonstration of the efficiency savings adopting this framework would have delivered for the HOMBRE case studies

D6.4 Profitable places for people: Policy priority or political pipe-dream?

D7.1 Hombre Website, newsletter, brochure

D7.2 Networking with technical, scientific and end-user community

D7.3 Supporting the implementation of project results into case studies

D7.4 Business Plan